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Who is Your Hero?

Your team is awesome, but sometimes someone goes above and beyond. Maybe he gave that customer support case the extra push for a speedy resolution. Maybe she solved those gnarly performance bugs plauging your system. Sometimes your teammates are more than coworkers; they're heroes.

And a hero needs a cape.

Here at 42nd & Empire, we're dedicated to providing the custom capes and other hand-sewn items that bring recognition and fun in a single stroke. Whether it's a language emblem, your company logo, or an internal slogan, we can make the cape to keep your team looking heroic.

Enough Chit-Chat, What Do They Look Like?

The original Ruby support hero cape at New Relic that started it all: The Ruby support hero cape at work The Ruby cape's appearance at RailsConf 2014: The Ruby cape on the road

Maybe not as practical as a towel, but definitely more fancy. (Of course I can make a cape out of a towel...)