42nd & Empire

The Intersection of Fun and the Meaning of Life

About 42nd & Empire

It all started with a single phrase from my husband's work, "support hero"…… Well, it actually started with my love of Wonder Woman as a little girl. Running around in cowboy boots and underoos with tinfoil cuffs and tiara, trusty magic lasso at my hip; I battled many foes, using my fertile imagination to find fun and adventure wherever I could. Who doesn't have memories of dressing up as their favorite super hero, bravely battling bad guys while seeking mayhem and mystery around every corner? Why should that stop just because we're grown up with jobs and responsibilities?

I say it doesn't have to, and I've got a cape to prove it.

Most of my life I'd dabbled in sewing, most recently making clothes for my two kids. Around the time I heard about the Ruby agent support hero at New Relic, I had made a fun, sparkly cape for my daughter. I asked my husband if maybe the support hero should have a cape. He and his teammates loved the idea, so I made an adult length cape with a hand-embroidered Ruby badge that you can see on the home page.

It was a huge hit. The cape is frequently worn around the New Relic office. My husband even gave a talk at his local users group and then at RailsConf 2014 wearing the majestic Ruby cape.

The cape was so popular in fact that people kept asking where they could get one. 42nd & Empire is the result of that question. I'm here for all your nerdy custom sewing needs, but my heart is in capes and helping people to find the joy in the everyday.

Let me help make your life and workplace just a little more... sparkly.